Nursery School
 School Physicals 
We can bill student's annual physicals to their insurance and complete all the necessary school paperwork.  No insurance?  Our self pay rate is competitive! We love our FL students, and we'd gladly provide them with the best self-pay rates.
Preventative screening for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other disease
An annual physical with lab work screening helps you find disease early, and allows you to accept age with a healthy lifestyle.
Grandma's Healing Touch
Acute care
Colds, FLU, Aches and Pains - We offer same day appointments, so call us and we will work you in for care today! & if you need any future appointments, give us a call at (407) 679-4800. If you're a new patient, please check out our new patient information!
Doctor and Patient
Blood draws for lab tests with results to our office for follow-up 
We can draw your lab blood draw here in our office, before work or school, so you can be responsible with your health, and still on time to work. If you would like to have your labs prior to your appointment, we can send orders to your lab.
Doctor taking blood pressure of older pa
 Management of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and other chronic disease
Many chronic diseases come to us from our parents. Early detection and treatment can allow you to lead a healthy lifestyle, in spite of disease. We can help you with medical management to prevent the progression of current and future disease.
Sports Injury
 Care of minor injuries 
Let us look at it first! If we can send you to a specialist, and save the emergency room visit, you will save money, extra tests, and time. We have great specialists that can normally work our patients in the same day. The specialist we refer patients to are the ones that our Doctors at UFMC trust the most!

No need to go to the GYN. We can provide your woman’s health care needs right here! 

EKG screenings

Most insruance companies pay for your EKG as part of your annual exam. The best heart disease is the kind that is prevented. Let us make sure you are heart healthy.

Ronald Burns, DO and Jane-Marie Raley, DO both practice osteopathic manipulative treatments and can help your specific needs.

NOTE: We do not prescribe controlled substances of any kind. If you have further questions concerning this matter or need clarification on a medication we prescribed for you, please call the office: (407) 679-4800 and/or email us at